New Haven Radiology is a professional organization formed by specialists in medical imaging. Our mission is to improve patient care by providing high quality diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services in hospitals and office-based practices in the greater New Haven area
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The section of Thoracic Imaging of NHRA specializes in the diagnosis of various disorders of the lung, mediastinum, pleura, airways and pulmonary circulation. Our staff have special interest in lung cancer, trauma, occupational and inflamatory lung disease, COPD, interstitial lung disorders and pulmonary infections. The section interacts with those of pulmonary medicine and critical care, thoracic surgery, and radiation and medical oncology in a collaborative patient centered approach to care.

The thoracic imaging section offers evaluation with standard chest radiography, CT, PET, MRI, and fluoroscopy. In addition,high resolution chest CT, virtual broncoscopy, 3-D CT angiography, coronary artery calcium scoring and low dose lung cancer screening are available. We work in collaboration with the interventional team who offer CT-guided biopsies and drainages. Our services are fully digital and we look forward to participating in your patients care.

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