New Haven Radiology is a professional organization formed by specialists in medical imaging. Our mission is to improve patient care by providing high quality diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services in hospitals and office-based practices in the greater New Haven area
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The musculoskeletal radiology section deals with imaging of bone and joint abnormalities, including orthopedic, rheumatologic and traumatic conditions. The musculoskeletal radiology staff protocols, monitors, and interprets a wide variety of musculoskeletal examinations, including general radiography, CT, and MRI. Radiologists in this subspecialty also assist in the interpretation of musculoskeletal radionuclide bone scans, read in conjunction with a nuclear medicine physician. Also, we have staff that specializes in ultrasound to study the anatomy and function of the soft tissue surrounding bones and joints, helping us to directly observe function as the patient moves in a real-time setting and to characterize masses for appropriate treatment.

At our affiliated institutions, we have state of the art MR imaging equipment, including 3 Tesla and high-field open magnets. We perform joint injections (fluoroscopic, CT and/or MR arthrography) for diagnosis of internal derangements of various joints, such as the shoulder, knee, hip and wrist. We are able to inject therapeutic agents into joints for pain relief, or to assist the referring clinician diagnose the potential source of a patient pain. Also, we offer image guided biopsies of bone and soft tissue lesions as well as joint aspirations. These percutaneous image guided procedures can help avoid the need for hospitalization, general anesthesia and surgery in many conditions.

We understand that multiple imaging modalities may be complementary and more than one may be necessary to provide a full diagnosis. It is our job as musculoskeletal radiologists to make sure that the appropriate study is ordered, taking into consideration the clinical problem as well as the safety and special needs of each patient. At times the study initially ordered may need to be modified or changed to another exam depending on these factors. We will be available to answer questions that you have about your patient care.

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