New Haven Radiology is a professional organization formed by specialists in medical imaging. Our mission is to improve patient care by providing high quality diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services in hospitals and office-based practices in the greater New Haven area
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Our abdominal section has radiologists trained specifically in abdominal fellowship programs. We provide state of the art, cutting edge technology using MRI (including 3Tesla magnet), 64 slice CT scanners, ultrasound, fluoroscopic imaging and procedures along with conventional diagnostic radiography techniques. Our medical centers and the affiliated practices have 5 CT scanners including two volumetric 64 slice scanners. We also have 5 MRI scanners including 3Tesla magnets. We in our practice believe that the patients come first. For their comfort and ease we have two MRI scanners that are open/wide.

CT imaging
We have state of the art 64 slice CT scanners available at both Ivy Brook and St. Raphael Hospital allowing us to optimize the contrast bolus administration and acquiring high resolution images, < 4mm at high speed. Elective and emergent abdominal examinations are performed routinely with images available to the referring physicians via PACS or discs given to the patients. We understand the need for personal communication with the physicians and the need for multi-disciplinary approach for better patient care. Organ and disease entity specific protocols are followed for imaging of various processes. Diagnosis, staging, follow-up and pre-operative imaging are performed in fine detail. Independent post- processing work-stations are available for high quality volumetric 3C display. This type of image rendering optimizes the assessment of extent of disease processes, tumor staging, pre-operative planning and vascular relationships. We have a good working relationship with our surgeons, radiation oncologists and other physicians to discuss the cases in detail and work collaboratively in designing imaging protocols and programs. Special CT examinations include:

CT urography
Non-invasive imaging of the kidneys and collecting systems is performed in one setting. Different phase imaging aids in better detection of renal mass lesions, collecting system anomalies or lesions, and renal calculi in one setting. Reformatted images aid in better depiction of the ureters and in defining the anatomy for surgical planning.

CT colonoscopy
We have certified physicians reading CT colonoscopy. For patients who are unwilling or cannot undergo conventional retrograde colonoscopy, or in cases of failed examinations, CT colonoscopy is a valuable alternative for screening of polyps and other colonic lesions. The entire examination takes 20 minutes and a bowel preparation prior to the night of the examination suffices. No sedation is required.

CT enterography
Due to the availability of the new muti-detector CT scanners, enterography is an excellent non invasive procedure to evaluate small bowel inflammatory processes, strictures, fistulas and mass lesions of the small bowel, amongst other entities. Surgeons can confer with the radiologist to discuss the extent of disease process and the anatomical relationships. For example, patients presenting with abdominal pain and known history of Crohn’s disease may undergo this procedure for the evaluation of acute flare of the disease . CT enterography is a good adjunct to capsule endoscopy.

Fluoroscopic procedures
Diagnostic and screening fluoroscopic procedures are routinely performed. Post- operative patients are assessed for leaks and other complications. We perform fistulograms, pouchograms, urethrograms hysterosalpingograms etc with contrast media amenable to post-operative status.

A realm of Barium procedures are performed including upper GI and Small bowel series, barium and water soluble contrast enemas as well as double contrast examinations.

Abdominal MR imaging
All our centers are equipped with MRI scanners. We routinely perform imaging of liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals, female pelvis and prostate imaging. Our protocols are tailored to the specific clinical needs. We are keen to assist you and discuss the most convenient diagnostic options for the patients. Novel procedures such as MRI enterography and secretin studies for pancreatic conditions as well as MR assessment of urinary and rectal incontinence are routinely performed at our institutions.

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